Welcome to the farm!

We are Keegan and Callie!

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Can I ever enjoy being outside again?

Seasonal allergies were taking over my hubby's life.

He loved being outdoors but he always payed for it the next couple days with a horrible stuffy nose.

Little did we know we were doing it to ourselves through the food we were eating!

pastured pork

We quickly learned healing our bodies starts with healthy meat!

No one wants chemicals sprayed on their food or junk added to make it "look good"

Are you done as well endlessly trying to find clean products from the store and are ready to get it straight from the farmers!

We did the searching for you and found the best Minnesota farmers that raise their animals the way God intended them to be raised!

Order their meat from us so you can finally have full confidence in the meat you feed to your family now, just like us!!