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3 healthy breakfast sandwiches twists you'll love! 💃🏻

May 21, 2022

Always bored of the same old breakfast? 

I totally get you, eggs and toast gets boring after a while!

Through this I decided on spicing up our paleo breakfast sandwiches with healthy ingredients I had in my pantry or fridge.

These paleo breakfast sandwiches only have 3 main ingredients, potato, sausage and egg!

Seriously, no more confusing ingredients in your food and not to mention dairy and gluten free as well for your loved ones with allergies!

You are going to love these variations because it doesn't require going out to buy special ingredients!

Best of all they are super healthy and take under 5 minutes to whip up.

Yes a healthy breakfast under 5 minutes, I know I never thought this was possible either!

Try some of these healthy breakfast sandwich variations below, they are amazing!!

-Avocado Tomato  Breakfast Sandwich (with avocado and tomato you cannot go wrong!)


-Spicy, cheesy Breakfast Sandwich (siracha and gooey sharp cheddar to wake you up 


-That's My Jam Breakfast Sandwich (a little jam and pb slathered on makes the perfect sweet savory combo... trust me on this, it's my favorite)


Order your breakfast sandwiches here!

Let me know what you try!

Keegan Knobloch

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