How to navigate "healthy" food labels

February 9, 2022


We love them and hate them all at the same time.

The good part about labels

  • tells us what we are buying
  • helps you know what to expect

The bad

  • can trick you into thinking it is good for you

There are so many new healthy labels out there and it is so so difficult to navigate.

That's why my #1 tip to navigating "healthy" food labels is look at the ingredient list.

  • That is the first place I go when I am trying to decide on a new product.

Ingredient lists tell you what you are really getting and you can decide from that point on if that is healthy for your body

I have gotten fooled way to many times thinking it was "healthy" and later looking at the label realizing that wasn't the best choice for our health.

For me if the list has whole ingredients that I can read and want it to build my skin, blood and whole body, I will buy it!

This looks different for everyone.

  • Since we are trying to heal Keeg's gut health right now I look at the ingredient list to make sure there are no dairy or grains

If the one thing you change is just looking at the food label when you pick up a package then you have taken one giant step for your health!

Many blessings

Your Farmer


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