Life Lesson on the Farm- Winter 2022

February 1, 2022

Ok, so I love telling you my life lessons learned on the farm in the season and winter was no exception!

Here's the lesson!

So, we live a different lifestyle in terms of our house.... we actually live in a camper!

I know it is crazy, especially in MN, but we love it! 

During the summer we live in our renovated camper and in the winter we move to a house.

Now what winter house varies from year to year.

Last year a good friend of ours was planning on selling his house in the spring but needed someone to rent it for the winter and this year some good friends of ours are wintering in Arizona and let us use their house. We will see what comes next winter haha!

It has been so so good for me because the winter houses are not my home so I don't fuss about the paint or looking to buy a new upgrade. I am simply content in the house because I know it is not my forever home.

It is totally the same for this world.

I believe there is a great home up in heaven waiting for me and I need to remember this world is not my home!

I don't need to fret about little things or get so wrapped up in making it my own.

We are here for just a little while and I need to enjoy it rather than worry over it!

Hope this makes your day a little better and gives some thoughts to think on!

Many Blessings

Your Farmer

Keegan Knobloch
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