How to heal seasonal allergies naturally?

February 8, 2022

Man it is chilly out there! I always second guess why we live in Minnesota during these months haha but just keep going!

With every season comes its trials! Seasonal allergies is the trial Keegs goes through in the Spring, Summer and Fall!

Ever since a child he has dealt with this and even had a epipen because it was so severe!

Fast forward to today and he wants to do away with this thorn and I don't blame him! Keeg's dream has always been to farm but always felt he couldn't because he would always feel gross due to allergies.

We reached out to a holistic nutritionist to see how we could heal his body!

She started by putting us on a gut healing diet of no dairy or grains and Keegs will begin a detox protocol this month! (Fun fact I had just made 3 loaves of bread the day she told us no dairy or grains haha!)

We have been amazed at how good we actually feel and if we slip on the diet Keeg's stuffy nose comes right back the next day!

Our bodies are so so intricate and it has been a focus of ours to just listen to what it is telling us! This is our health journey and as you can see we are still in it!

What is your health journey, please share, I find it sooo inspiring!

-Your Farmer


Keegan Knobloch

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