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Affordable Fathers Day Gift Guide

May 31, 2022

It is so so frustrating scouring the internet for good affordable gifts to give.

Especially when I'm looking for my husband, or dad or even brothers!

That is why I compiled a list of everything we already own and absolutly love!

They are all super affordable and if they are too high in your budget just ask some family memebers if they want to go in on a present together!

Ok here they are!

8 Affordable Fathers Day Gifts

1. Journible - $10.99

This is a bible transcribing journal and has a numbered space for every verse to write out the bible! It has transformed Keegs time with God in the morning! Keegs is already a writer and thinker so this is absolutely perfect!

2. Woven Meat Co gift card $25

Your dad can stock up of high quality grilling meat to experiment his new recipes on!

3. Thermapen- $83.00

This thermometer is used daily in our house by both me and Keegs so would be a win win! It reads the temp of meat in seconds so no more waiting around to see the temp of the meat and risk scorching your meat. Gave this to both fathers already and they love it as well!

4. Personalized bookmark - $.26/ bookmark

If your dad is a big reader and you are on a budget this is perfect for you! We have made so many of these and they are such a special practical gift!. Just add a picture or write a note and laminate with this paper and you have a gift!

Buy Laminate paper here

5. Cracked hands cream - homemade

For those hard working dads this is for you! Used daily at our house it is so moisturizing and versatile.

Click here for recipe

Note: I used lard instead of tallow

6. BBQ kit- BBQ sauce, Gift Card and Homemade rub

I might be weird but I would even like this! Grab a couple BBQ Sauces, make this homemade rub and put in a mason jar, and add a woven meat co gift card and your gift is ready!

7. Wood pellets - $9.99

Pellet grills are just the best thing ever in my personal opinion but buying the pellets can get expensive. Gifting your dad these wood pellets will let him enjoy his hobby without all the cost!

8. Coffee - $15.00

I mean, you always need a good cup of joe!

This is a organic coffee brand out of the twin cities that we have personally enjoyed in the past!

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