10 Technology Free Rainy Day Activities

May 6, 2022

Rainy days got you down as well? It is so hard to become inspired, seriously!

That is why I wrote down a list of activities to do indoors that are technology free so I can refer to it on those rainy days!

Let me share it with you!

10 Technology Free Rainy Day Activities

Plan your spring garden

Grab a piece of paper and pencil that's lying around in your home and first make a list of all the plants you want to plant this year in your garden. Even if you don't have space for a garden it is fun to dream.

Try out a more complicated dinner recipe

This loaded pulled pork nacho recipe is seriously so perfect for this. It takes some prep work with all the different toppings but oh my it is so worth it!

Make a homemade candle

I never knew really how simple this is to do. Click here for a really easy tutorial

Call someone you haven't talked to in a while just to chat

I put this one on the list specifically for me... I never think of this one until I am really busy and I get burdened down on why I never called that person when I was bored!

Make a meal for someone in need

You have someone in your life that is going through struggles guaranteed or they are just a friend that would love something like this! Here is a really easy freezer meal to make!

Play a game of uno with your kiddos or spouse

Grab some popcorn and sit around and play a board game with your family. It may get messy or sad at times but you will never regret it!

Declutter your closet

The minimalist in me just loves this one! I could declutter my closet every month if I had time... that might just be me though!

Make homemade chocolate

1/4 cup coconut oil -- 1/4 cocoa powder-- 1-2 Tbsp maple syrup..... melt together, add toppings of choice and then freeze and enjoy! Easiest homemade snack ever!

Turn on your favorite songs and meal prep for the weeks ahead

This is another one specifically for me because I mentally avoid this one but if it is on a list then I will do it... right?

Pick up that book you've been meaning to read and read it

It may sound basic but it is so rewarding to just sit and read.... so so rewarding!

Hoping you enjoyed these 10 Technology Free Rainy Day Activities!

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