2021 Farm Miracles

2021 was crazy but so great! I saw God guide us through another year and couldn't be more thankful!

Here are a couple miracles we experienced in 2021 that remind me to TRUST:

1. In the spring we were only able to pre sell hogs by wholes and halves. There were 2
pigs that were not pre sold and this was not ideal but we kept trusting in God.

A month later Market Wagon, a online farmers market, reached out to us and wanted us to join their platform!
If we had sold all our pigs in the spring we wouldn't of had meat to sell through Market Wagon.
This allows us to reach more tables and we couldn't be more thankful!
2. Not a single pig got sick this year! 
That is complete music to any farmer's ears and we are so so thankful!
It hurts our heart to see animals we care for sick and this was a huge huge blessing!
3. Our little boy, Cort, was born in July! 
Wow, I forget how big of a miracle it is for a little human to just start growing and developing inside my body and then on this earth! 
They just come to this world never breathing in air and take their first breath right after they are born... wow God is so cool!

There are so many other little moments throughout the year where miracles have occurred and if I just pay more attention more will appear!


Many Blessings
Your Farmer
Callie K