Day in the life on the farm

Welcome to our farm! It is fall around here and everything is cozying up! Just wanted to share what a average day looks like for me (Callie) and my 2 month Cort.
breakfast salad bowl

First thing in the morning, I eat a solid breakfast!

You have to try making a breakfast bowl like this! We have been eating it on repeat!

You just need a base of greens, bacon, a couple fried eggs in the bacon grease of course and potatoes! SOoo good!


I begin working on some marketing stuff as well as I grab some apples for snack for the day!

                                  picking apples

You should really visit the farm sometime this fall and we will let you try out the apples!


I enjoy some leftovers and a good book.

Mid afternoon

pasture pigs

Keegs comes home and we check on the pigs! 

You just have to make sure the feed is good and water is clean, that is about it!

I will make a little snack to enjoy as well (we are foodies around here) while we complete things needed to be done on the farm.

Dinner time

We eat together and enjoy the rest of the night snuggling Cort and enjoying our homestead!

pastured pork spare ribs

Breastfeeding and burping Cort is of course added into all these activities and adds up to be a busy day!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Your Farmer