Keegan and Callie here! Located on a beautiful acreage near Hutchinson, Minnesota, we founded Woven Meat Company.

Our focus is on you, God's land, and His creatures all weaved together according to His Design. Animals the tools we use to heal and nurture our pastures!


We strive towards your best eating experience through our selection and management of the animals. You will have confidence in a safe and nutritious meal when you serve our meat on your table.

Our Cattle

Say hello to our Lowline Angus! These beautiful creatures enjoy grazing a new set of pasture everyday making them 100% grass-fed, grass-finished cattle.

   pastured pork

Our Pigs

100% Purebred Berkshire Pork... aka the King's meat. These pigs are outside rutting around on our pastures eating everything. The fresh air and greens make these pigs grow healthy.

We are so excited you are here and always love visitors! Just email or call us letting us know you want to visit and we will arrange a date and time!

Our farm is located below!

Can't wait to serve you!

Keegan and Callie Knobloch