Why choose Woven Meat Co?

 We believe animals are best raised outside under conditions that promote health and wellness for the animal’s sake. This in turn creates healthy meats that nourish you and your families bodies, how cool is that!
God has woven our health, animals, earth and well being together. When you eat some of Woven Meats products you enter that beautiful circle of life and encourage us to keep doing what we know is best!

Lets learn the awesome benefits of grass-fed beef and pastured pork!

#1 Your Health

Pasture raised bacon
  • 5x the omega 3 fatty acids in grass-fed beef vs conventional beef!

    • This helps lower blood pressure and reduce the chances of a heart attack or stroke

    • Lots of people take fish oil supplements for this awesome nutrient
  • Double the amount of CLA’s in pasture raised meat!

    • This is a healthy fat that has shown to have a lower risk of many diseases
    • It can also help with your metabolism 
  • Higher vitamin A & E

    • Both are super important for good vision and strong immunity 
  • Richer, higher and more diverse antioxidants

#2 The Animals

Our pigs!

  • Only fed Non GMO feed
    • A simple diet of whole grains
  • No antibiotics or hormones!
  • 100% purebred Berkshire hogs
    • Highly sought after by those looking for phenomenal pork!
  • Outside during warm months
    • They enjoy breathing nature's rich, clean air
  • Fresh green grass to eat and lots of roots and grubs to explore
  • Our pig's don’t stink!
    • Outside our pigs manure is able to breathe and is incorporated into the soil vs sitting on concrete and building up

Our cattle!

  • Fresh new pastures everyday is all our cattle's eat
  • Given lots of space everyday to explore and grow
  • Content animals and healthy pastures produce marble and tender grass-fed beef
  • No antibiotics or hormones
  • Knows "Here Bessie" means it is time to move to the next pasture

#3 Your Earth

  • Our practices keep water from running off and polluting streams
  • It also takes carbon dioxide from the air and puts it in soil where it grows healthier plants
  • Doesn't smell up the neighborhood
  • Grazing animals require much fewer fossil fuels

#4 Your well being

  • Hold us as your farmer accountable to our promises
  • Meat doesn’t get lost in a big system where shortcuts are taken
  • Know the focus is on the quality of your product
  • Connection to your every day necessity, food

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    Keegan & Callie