Best of Pork Bundle (18 lb)

Best of Pork Bundle (18 lb)

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Do you have a small freezer but would still like the benefits of buying bulk?

This pasture raised pork bundle is a perfect way to stock up on yummy pork while not compromising all your freezer space! Enjoy the luxury of having healthy food on hand for those crazy, busy nights!

Once you taste the flavor and tenderness of your Berkshire pork, you will never want to go back!

Watch unboxing video here!

Best of Pork Bundle (18 lb):

2 pkg. Brats (6 brats, 1.5 lb)

3 pkg. Bacon (1 lb.)

3 pkg. Pork chops (2 chops, 1.3 lbs)

3 pkg. Ground sausage (1 lb.)

2 pkg. Breakfast sausage links (1 lb.)

1 pkg. Pulled pork (1 lb.)

2 pkg. Smoked thinly sliced ham (1 lb.)



GMO Free

Never Fed Antibiotics or Hormones

Pasture Raised

Seasonally Raised on Pasture

Heritage Berkshire Pigs