Busy Family of 4 Bundle (52 lb.)

Busy Family of 4 Bundle (52 lb.)

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I can be so busy and stressed, I just don't know what to make for supper.

Enjoy the luxury of having healthy food on hand for those crazy, busy nights!

This pasture raised pork bundle is perfect, offering savings and a perfect amount of pastured pork for a medium size family of 3 or 4.

Once you taste the flavor and tenderness of your Berkshire pork, you will never want to go back!

Busy Family of 4 Bundle (50 lb.):

8 pkg. Bacon (1 lb.)

4 lb. Pork chops

2 pkg. Pork Steaks (1.4 lb.)

12 pkg. Breakfast sausage (1 lb.)

6 lb. Fresh brats 

4 pkg. Jalapeno brats (1 lb.)

2 pkg. Chorizo (1 lb.)

2 pkg. Breakfast sausage links (1 lb.)

2 pkg. Pulled pork (1 lb.)

6 pkg. Smoked thinly sliced ham (1 lb.)

1 pkg. Spare ribs (2 lb.)

1 pkg. Baby back ribs (1.5 lb.)



GMO Free

Never Fed Antibiotics or Hormones

Pasture Raised

Seasonally Raised on Pasture

Heritage Berkshire Pigs