1/2 Hog Bundle Deposit

1/2 Hog Bundle Deposit

average 67 lbs.
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Tired of the ever changing food industry and want to feel secure in having meals for months?

Give your mind rest from your worries with our 1/2 hog bundle. It provides enough meat for 46 meals for a family of 4...WOW! As long as you have meat thawed you have a meal, that's my type of meal planning!

Original price: $950

Sale Price: $570

Savings: $391

Busy Family of 4 Bundle (67 lb.):

10 pkg. Uncured Bacon

8 pkg. Pork chops

1 pkg. Tenderloin

6 pkg. Breakfast sausage (1 lb.)

1 pkg. Breakfast sausage links (1 lb.)

18 pkg. All Natural brats

10 pkg. All Natural Cheddar Brats

1 pkg. Fresh Jalapeno Brat

6 pkg. All Natural Hot Dogs

5 pkg. Pulled pork

7 pkg. Uncured Sliced Deli Ham

1 pkg. Baby back or Spare Rib

1 pkg. Boston Butt Roast

*Packages are estimates. You will receive minimum of 67 lbs. of pork.

You will pay the remaining balance of $520 when you pick up the meat.