1/4 Beef Bundle Deposit

1/4 Beef Bundle Deposit

average 88 lbs.
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Feeding your family the best food and saving money. I get it, those are your top priorities!

Buying in bulk solves this problem!

Order our 1/4 beef bundle to save lots of money while serving your family grassfed, grass finished beef!

Original price: $1348

Sale Price: $810

Savings: $538

1/4 Beef Bundle Includes:

6 pkg Beef Tenderloin Steak

11 pkg Ribeye Steak

7 pkg New York Strip Steak

25 pkg Ground Beef

16 pkg Burger Patties

9 pkg Beef Bologna

4 pkg Top Sirloin Steak

2 pkg Skirt Steak, flank steak, or fajita meat

1 pkg Tri Tip Steak

3 pkg Flat Iron Steak

3 pkg Chuck Roast

1 pkg Beef Brisket

6 pkg Beef Short Ribs

6 pkg Beef Soup Bones

All quantities are estimates. You will receive a minimum of 88 lbs of meat.

You will pay the remaining balance of $760 when you pickup the meat.